About Us

Based in Hong Kong, XINENG Greentech specializes in Technology Transfer and Energy Consulting services. It extends its professional services to public and private sector enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, government agencies, bilateral and multilateral agencies. Our core competencies are in the domains of energy, climate and environment and our portfolio of services aims to provide a one-stop solution encompassing project conceptualization, implementation, performance monitoring and improvement of projects. We help explore, implement and enhance a wide range of sustainable development initiatives for our diverse clients across Asia-Pacific. 

XINENG Greentech also sponsors the Sino-Spanish Association for Energy and Sustainability (ASEES) which aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and technology between Spain and China in the renewable energy sector.



Cosme de Arana Linkedin Cosme Arana

Cosme is a renewable energy expert consultant with over 10 years international experience leading multidisciplinary and multicultural teams through the development of projects across Asia Pacific and Europe.

Before founding XINENG Greentech in July 2010, Cosme gained extensive experience in planning innovative sustainable solutions for energy generation for infrastructure master planning in Asia. As an Engineer, he developed wind power projects equivalent to hundreds of Megawatts and designed Solar Energy systems .

His academic training complemented MSc Industrial Management Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Background with specialized postgraduate degrees in Renewable Energies and Energy Business Administration.

For further information visit www.cosmedearana.com.